Four Benefits Of Being A Massage Therapist

While it's important to choose a career path that you enjoy, it's also important to choose a career with a positive outlook, flexibility, advancement opportunities and a solid income. A career as a massage therapist can offer all of these benefits. Accelerated Career Growth As a professional massage therapist, you will be practicing within an industry that is projected to experience an accelerated growth rate. By the year 2024, the available employment opportunities are expected to increase by as much as 22 percent, which is a higher rate than many other professional occupations. Read More 

3 Reasons Biomedical Technician Positions Are Rewarding

Although most people give much of the credit for their physical recovery from an illness to their physicians or nurses, there are other medical staff members, such as biomedical technicians, who also contribute to the health of a patient, especially in a hospital setting. If you would like a rewarding position in the medical field but only want to commit to obtaining a two-year degree, a biomedical technician position could be a great option for you. Read More