Four Benefits Of Being A Massage Therapist

While it's important to choose a career path that you enjoy, it's also important to choose a career with a positive outlook, flexibility, advancement opportunities and a solid income. A career as a massage therapist can offer all of these benefits.

Accelerated Career Growth

As a professional massage therapist, you will be practicing within an industry that is projected to experience an accelerated growth rate. By the year 2024, the available employment opportunities are expected to increase by as much as 22 percent, which is a higher rate than many other professional occupations. Whether you're looking for an advanced opportunity or you simply want to change positions, a fast growing employment market gives you the flexibility you need.

Schedule Flexibility

Many traditional professions come with rigid working hours and a cubicle or office that you call home each day. For many people, this limits their ability to attend functions at their children's school, handle important personal business and engage in many social activities. Working as a massage therapist can afford you the flexibility you desire. A professional license or certificate allows you to work independently. Working for yourself means you can set your own hours, work out of your own office or work as a traveling therapist.

More Career Paths

With some professions, there is only one career path you can go down. However, this isn't the case when it comes to a massage therapist. You will have the opportunity to follow several different career paths, including the spa industry and the medical industry. Within the spa industry, you can work as an onsite therapist providing relaxing and soothing services. Within the medical industry, you can use your techniques to manage discomfort and rehabilitate injuries in a chiropractic office or hospital setting.  

Buildable Training

No one wants to operate within a career that offers limited growth potential. For example, within some professions, to earn more money or work in more advanced positions, you need to change your entire career. This isn't the case when you're a massage therapist. Within this career, there is a variety of sub-specialties that allow you to increase your earning potential and increase your employment opportunities, including myofascial release therapy, reflexology, and prenatal massage.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of being a massage therapist, starting a training program should be your first step. Whether you choose an online program or traditional classroom program (such as one from Bright Education Institute), successful completion opens the door to opportunity.